We have a variety of groups at Woodson Chapel. The goal of each of these groups is to help their respective members to be disciples and make disciples.  Click on your group below to see what’s available for you. (If you’d like to see what classes we currently offer, please visit the classes page.)

  • 60+ Group
    For many years, the 60+ group has been led by Joe Haley and his wife, Deanna. The group serves primarily as a way to gather those who are 60 years and older for fun, food and fellowship with other Christians. Gatherings are generally held every other month and include things such as trips to well-known restaurants, boat and train rides, ice cream socials, dinner at the church building including after dinner entertainment of various types, and other such activities. Attendance usually ranges from 75 to 125 participants. The 60+ group is a wonderful way to spend an enjoyable evening visiting with old friends and making new ones, while at the same time having a delicious meal and listening to interesting entertainment.
  • Youth Group: WCYG
    The Woodson Chapel Youth Group is a place for teens (6th-12th Grade) to find their place in God’s Kingdom and get plugged in. Our aim is to reach and teach teens the Bible in fun and creative ways to show that God’s Word applies to their lives today. We want to reach, teach, and train our teens to become Disciples that Make a Difference every day in their families, schools, and church. We have tons of fun and exciting opportunities to help us reach our goal. Please join us as we continually grow into the Disciples God has called us to be.  Check us out on Facebook and follow us on twitter @woodsonchapelym
  • Adult Education Program
    Knowing God’s word is essential to following Jesus.  We must know who Jesus is and what He taught if we are to be His disciples.  This is the goal of our adult education program.  We want adults to be lifelong learners and to be instructed in all that Jesus taught (Matthew 28:19).
  • Ladies Ministry
    Looking for a place where you can grow spiritually and increase your knowledge of God’s word, a place where you can grow close relationships with other Christian women? Come study and fellowship with us each Wednesday morning at 10:00 (nursery services and a children’s Bible class are provided) in the fireside room for Bible Study, Prayer, and Fellowship. The class runs from September through May of each year. We also have a Wednesday Night Bible Class that meets each week. The Ladies Bible Class is taught by ladies and is designed to offer spiritual growth, encouragement, fellowship and closeness between women of all ages.   This group frequently eats together and participates in serving the community.  Every year a Ladies Day is hosted in March.
  • Children
    Kids For ChristThis group represents kids from 3 years-old to 4th grade. They participate in monthly activities that range from service projects and fellowship to group outings. The primary objectives of this group are to build friendships, develop habits of service, and help kids become more like Jesus.
  • Children's Bible Hour
    Our mission for Children’s Bible Hour is to follow the principles found in Luke 2:52:

    “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” ~Luke 2:52

    • Teach children that the Bible is true and full of many important things that God wants them to know.
    • Teach children that God is their creator.
    • Teach children how to worship God.
    • Teach children the scriptures.
    • Emphasize God’s desire for a loving relationship with Him and with our neighbors.

    The group meets on Sunday at 6 p.m. Each month features a theme and a memory verse.

    The group worship period features a short devotional tying in the theme of the month, singing led by a man or young man, a bible reading led by a man or young man, and a prayer led by man or young man. The memory verse of the month is read by a man or young man and recited as a group. After the group worship period, everyone dismisses to their classrooms by age.

    Once every two months, the group worship period is separated into two groups: all boys together and all girls together. This gives the girls an opportunity to learn how to lead singing, lead a prayer and read scripture.

    Children’s Bible Hour works in conjunction with those participating in Lads to Leaders. This includes puppet shows, Bible reading, Know the Books and Centurion of Scripture. The memory verse is recited as a group; however if your child is participating in the Centurion of Scripture, he or she will also need to recite it individually to a teacher (which can be done before or after class). The books of the Bible are also recited as a group; however if your child is participating in L2L Know the Books, he or she may also recite it individually to a teacher for credit.

  • Lads to Leaders & Leaderettes
    This year-long program exists to help prepare our youth to grow spiritually, to love to serve, to learn to lead, and to stand firm in the faith. There are numerous ways children can be involved in this program.  Each year the hard work of those involved is rewarded at the Annual Convention at Opryland Hotel.Student Registration FormAdult Registration FormConvention Rule Book
  • Men's Ministry
    This ministry exists as a place of fellowship, camaraderie, and spiritual growth.  We hope to help make men into disciples of Jesus who lead themselves, their homes, and the church.
  • 20s and 30s
    This ministry seeks to aid 20s and 30s in finding meaningful community. It begins at the Bible Class level, but it is so much more than a Bible Class. We also gather together for nights of fun and times of service. During this time of life many important decisions are made so it is important that we live out the call of Jesus to be His disciples during this important period.