Deacons and Staff


The mission and purpose of the church is assisted by the help of qualified men called deacons.  These men are special servants who have shown themselves to have Christian qualities and the ability to do the task assigned them (1 Timothy 3:8-12).

Our current deacons are:

Michael Broome – Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes

Tim Caylor – Special Needs

Russ Cooper – Finance/Treasurer

Russell Crouch – 6th-12th grades

Tommy Eubanks – Children’s PM Bible Hour

Dennis Falconberry – Adult Education

Adam Goode – Church Data Management

Steve Green – Transportation

Cameron Hackett – Visitation

Joe Haley – 60-plus group

Max Johnston – Building & Grounds

Buddy Jones – Fellowship

Keith Jones – Room in the Inn

Mike Meek – Missions

Tim Smith – Song Service and Special Projects

Jeff Tyler – Missions

Garry Webb – Worship Assignments


Debbie Hundley – Building and Grounds

Lisa McPherson – Educational Coordinator, Primary Grades

John & Susan Tice – Building and Grounds

Sheila Warren – Secretary